You know, moving was hard enough before the economic downturn. Now, aside from everything else you have to do, you have to strongly consider the economic factors of your move more than you used to. It’s no longer just a matter of finding the best looking house in the classiest neighborhood you can: you have to make sure that you won’t have to pay too much to live day-to-day and that you’ll actually be able to find a job where you move. So strap yourself in, we’re about to take a tour of Midwest and Austin real estate.

Where Can I Live Cheaply? The Midwest!

If you find a place with a low cost of living, you can make sure that every dollar you make is able to go the extra mile. In that case, heed the words of  Professor Robert Helsley of UC Berkeley, who says that the Midwest is so cheap because the entire area is landlocked. However, most people don’t even expect to get waterfront properties nowadays (especially with a bad economy), so you can go ahead and turn this into an extra benefit for yourself in order to get a lower price by not even considering the coast in the first place. If you’re really keen on having a low cost of living, you also might want to consider St. Louis, which has the lowest cost of living in the entire country.

Where Can I Find a Job? Texas!

By moving to a place with a good job market, you’ll be able to ensure that you’re not stuck in unemployment limbo for too long. In order to find a strong economy, you should check how many major corporations are in your prospective city and state. These companies bolster the economy around them and help provide lots of job openings that you can take advantage of. This is why Forbes says that “three of the best cities to earn a living” are “Dallas, Houston and Austin,” as Texas has 57 Fortune 500 companies. The only other state in the country that can match that is California, but it is significantly more expensive than Texas. The reason why those three cities, in particular, are on the list is that Dallas has 15 of those companies while Houston has 38. Of those three cities, Dallas has 15 of those large companies while Houston has 38. Austin only has 1, but it has a vibrant startup scene and is also the state capital.

What’s My Best Bet? Texas!
If you think that both a low cost of living and a strong job market are important, you should go ahead and look at Texas. Texas has a low cost of living across the state to accompany its stellar corporate presence and job market, making it the best place to move in the current economic climate. If you’re looking just for a low cost of living, the Midwest beats it out, but, for most people, Texas is currently the place to be.

James Kim writes for Austin Real Estate service  HomeCity combines powerful online Austin MLS search technology and other online tools with personalized real estate services to provide clients with the knowledge they need to make the right buying and selling decisions.

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