Many Americans may now be turning their eyes to different opportunities that bay be ahead of them as 2017 comes. For some, that could include the chance to advance their careers in the tech industry with high-paying jobs and good benefits. Tech workers in Austin are some of the lucky ones in the industry as they most of them have the opportunity to be one the pioneering employees of the tech companies that are starting to grow in numbers around the city.

Tech Workers in Austin

A rental listing company did an analysis on 76 metropolitan statistical areas and the results have shown that Austin is currently ranked top 5 just right next to San Francisco and Silicon Valley metros, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. Factors considered for the said analysis include median 1-bedroom rent in the city, median salary for tech workers in Austin, and the employment per 1,000 jobs.

Tech workers in Austin are in good hands! As Austin grows as a city, comes along is the growth of the city’s tech industry. Austin is slowly becoming a tech hub in which the number of workers in this field is fast growing.┬áThis is despite all the complainings about housing prices rising all over the city.

Increased tech jobs mean more tech workers in Austin. These workers are having higher salaries resulting to higher rentals for many residents in central areas. According to the said study, the metro area has 65 computer and math jobs per 1,000 and workers whose earnings are nearly seven times the cost of rent.

With all this in mind, those who are in the tech industry and future workers should always remember the ways in which the field will be likely to evolve over the year and beyond. Newcomers can potentially prepare themselves to seize emerging opportunities for tech workers in Austin.

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